New Challenges for 2012: Putting People First

Jan 16

Not exactly “breaking news” anymore, but I am happy and excited to confirm that I accepted the role of VP of Marketing for I wasn’t looking for a full time gig. My independent consulting work over the last year has been fulfilling, busy and amazingly varied. But…I’ve always been someone who pays attention to the Sliding Door,...

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Quora, #Fail

Dec 13

I am not an active user of Quora, but I do enjoy reading particular threads. I appreciate some of the high profile insiders and experts who take their time to respond to queries and rate responses. But today I unsubscribed from their weekly digest email. Who ever is behind the curation of the topics-of-the-week email newsletters needs to give their head a serious...

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Liars, Compliance and Beers: Oh My

Dec 03

Last night I observed some corporate fraud. The kind that happens every single day – probably thousands of times a day – in airport bars, restaurants and pubs all across North America. It was for a tiny amount, less than $10, but it got me thinking about the big implications of small actions. The guy beside me did nothing illegal. He did something...

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The Siren Call of FUD: Should You Listen?

Oct 29

I had a flashback to 2010 this week when I saw a new whitepaper published by Sitecore. It equated open source to a siren call. Jive Software pulled a similar stunt in spring of 2010, attacking open source web content management and social software. It was a marketing #fail and the company rightfully pulled the paper from its site when the hypocrisy of the arguments...

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World Paper Free Day: What’s The Right Balance Between Digital and Treeware?

Oct 25

There’s been some great debate among some of the ECM pundits on Twitter on the topic of “paper free” as a goal for enterprises and even individuals. (Yes, yes… we all love the old joke about achieving the paperless office the day we achieve the paperless toilet…) But few will argue that reducing bottlenecks and improving online...

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Open Source and Open Standards in Canada – ARMA NCR IM Days Event

Sep 27

Calling all information and content management practitioners in the Ottawa area…. The ARMA NCR Fall IM Days is on again this year, November 23 and 24. The ARMA National Capital Chapter is celebrating its 40th year, and once again has assembled a speaker lineup of deep expertise and experience. I was very pleased to learn that my session on Open Source and...

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Security, Privacy, and Hypocrisy, eh?

Sep 22

I‘m an information management professional. I’m also an avid follower of public policy debate. Open access to government data and content is essential to being an informed participant in a modern democracy. As I blogged in February, I love attending public committee meetings to learn more about the decision-making process, and to hear first-hand how our...

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