When Employee Engagement Has a Hollow Ring

Jun 08

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Library Association annual conference and trade show,  helping out my friends and former colleagues at AIIM in their booth. Booth duty called, so I missed the keynotes, but did have a chance to catch up with many old friends and former colleagues in the library and archives profession. Face to face...

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I am … a Certified Information Professional

Feb 05

Yes, that’s right. My name is Cheryl, I am a marketer and I’m a CIP. The CIP was launched in late 2011 by AIIM, after working with a group of subject matter experts. Following ISO methodologies, they released a exam intended to test broad knowledge across 6 domain areas in the content and information management space. I had my eye on the...

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New Challenges for 2012: Putting People First

Jan 16

Not exactly “breaking news” anymore, but I am happy and excited to confirm that I accepted the role of VP of Marketing for AIIM.org. I wasn’t looking for a full time gig. My independent consulting work over the last year has been fulfilling, busy and amazingly varied. But…I’ve always been someone who pays attention to the Sliding Door,...

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Quora, #Fail

Dec 13

I am not an active user of Quora, but I do enjoy reading particular threads. I appreciate some of the high profile insiders and experts who take their time to respond to queries and rate responses. But today I unsubscribed from their weekly digest email. Who ever is behind the curation of the topics-of-the-week email newsletters needs to give their head a serious...

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Liars, Compliance and Beers: Oh My

Dec 03

Last night I observed some corporate fraud. The kind that happens every single day – probably thousands of times a day – in airport bars, restaurants and pubs all across North America. It was for a tiny amount, less than $10, but it got me thinking about the big implications of small actions. The guy beside me did nothing illegal. He did something...

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