Candy Strategies is now an Authorized Education Partner with AIIM

Sep 13

If this blog has been a bit quiet recently, it’s because it was a very busy winter/spring this year. I was doing double-duty for much of it, working full time with AIIM to build their marketing strategy -  as well as working on a major refresh project to revise their flagship ECM course curriculum.  While I wrapped up the marketing contract in May, the curriculum refresh project continued into June, and it finally launched last month.

These three updated ECM courses – ECM Practitioner, ECM Specialist and ECM Master – contain about 70% new material, helping keep the content fresh and relevant as the content and information management profession evolves in today’s era of mobile, social and cloud. I owe a very big thank you to the entire AIIM Learning services team for their patience and very supportive feedback, as well as to my project collaborators, Debra Power (now with TeraMach) and Steve Weissman, of the Holly Group.

The next logical step? Get out and start educating information professionals.  Teaching has been my passion throughout my entire career. If I had to pick one word to describe myself it is “educator”. Even when I’ve been in senior product or corporate marketing roles,  I’ve been committed to my belief that “good marketing is education”. There’s a  need for vendor-neutral, unbiased education that is suitable for IT, business or records professionals at all levels of experience.  So… as of this month, I’m pleased to say that Candy Strategies has met the criteria to become an authorized Education Partner for AIIM.  We’re now ready to deliver both public and private classes, with initial focus on the Canadian market.  More here in today’s press release.

Our first public class will be held in Ottawa, Ontario – right downtown in the heart of the beautiful national capital of Canada. The dates are November 20 – 23, 2012.  Registration is now open at:

Eventbrite - Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Training - AIIM Practitioner, Specialist, Master

The first set of private courses with a systems integrator in Ottawa has also been confirmed, helping them serve the needs of their public sector clientele. If you are an integrator/consulting firm, solution provider or large organization interested in the skills development of your employees, let’s  discuss the right curriculum to meet your needs. Ping me via email: cheryl @ or stalk me on Twitter @CherylMcKinnon.

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