New Challenges for 2012: Putting People First

Jan 16

Not exactly “breaking news” anymore, but I am happy and excited to confirm that I accepted the role of VP of Marketing for

I wasn’t looking for a full time gig. My independent consulting work over the last year has been fulfilling, busy and amazingly varied. But…I’ve always been someone who pays attention to the Sliding Door, that split second moment when opportunity presents itself and you’ve got to make the choice to run or walk. (Ask my good friend Craig Hepburn about this…he was there during another one of those moments a few years ago when we were colleagues at OpenText).

What sold me? It was the new vision for AIIM in 2012 and beyond. At first I was a little confused, why WOULDN’T they want to continue being known as the “ECM Association”? Everybody knows them that way. Then a little white board magic made me go “ah-ha.. now I get it”.

It is about a deliberate and decisive move to reframe the association. Putting people first, not technology. About putting a stake in the ground and helping lay a foundation for a new perspective on what it means to be an information professional.

It’s about going from that:


to this:


Those of us in the world of content and information management are in the middle of one of the most exciting (and occasionally scary) times for our industry. But there’s a lot of big brains who are figuring out where to go next, and I’m excited to find so many of them part of the AIIM community as association members, expert bloggers, Conference keynoters and of course, my colleagues on staff.

I’d also like to sincerely congratulate my friend and now colleague (again…), Laurence Hart of @Piewords blog fame who joins me in this new 2012 challenge by accepting the CIO role at AIIM.

I’ll be keeping the Candy Strategies site alive, as my own blog for topics that interest me and aren’t directly relevant to AIIM research or education. I’ll do more writing on my Expert Blog Site on AIIM Community, where Bryant Duhon has full permission to nag me when I’m behind schedule.

March 20-22, 2012

See you in San Francisco