Quora, #Fail

Dec 13

I am not an active user of Quora, but I do enjoy reading particular threads. I appreciate some of the high profile insiders and experts who take their time to respond to queries and rate responses.

But today I unsubscribed from their weekly digest email. Who ever is behind the curation of the topics-of-the-week email newsletters needs to give their head a serious shake.

Here’s what greeted me in my inbox late this afternoon:

Quora #FAIL

The thread responses seem legit enough. But WTF was the newsletter curator thinking when this headline was selected as the subject line? I know as well as anyone how finely tuned marketing automation tools can be when targeting content to readership. Crossed my mind that maybe my Quora avatar set off some kind of prospecting radar.

So poor judgement or crappy automation on their part lost a digest subscriber. It was a long enough day already and coming home to spammy insults in my email inbox isn’t what women in the tech world need these days.