The Siren Call of FUD: Should You Listen?

Oct 29

I had a flashback to 2010 this week when I saw a new whitepaper published by Sitecore. It equated open source to a siren call. Jive Software pulled a similar stunt in spring of 2010, attacking open source web content management and social software. It was a marketing #fail and the company rightfully pulled the paper from its site when the hypocrisy of the arguments...

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World Paper Free Day: What’s The Right Balance Between Digital and Treeware?

Oct 25

There’s been some great debate among some of the ECM pundits on Twitter on the topic of “paper free” as a goal for enterprises and even individuals. (Yes, yes… we all love the old joke about achieving the paperless office the day we achieve the paperless toilet…) But few will argue that reducing bottlenecks and improving online...

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