Fresh Ideas are Bloomin’ All Over…

Sep 21

I’m really pleased to announce that Candy Strategies has engaged in an advisory partnership with the team at ifridge & Company. The principals at ifridgeDaniel Kraft and Stefanie Lightman were two of my trusted colleagues and collaborators during the formation of the OpenText Enterprise 2.0, or “Bloom” initiative in 2008-2009.

The mission of ifridge – to inspire “fresh ideas for the digital economy” – meshes very well with the spirit of education, advocacy, and the Web’s 3 Os (open source, open standards and open data) that compelled me to found Candy Strategies Inc.

We’ve entered into a partnership where my team and I can help ifridge and the growing portfolio of innovative companies that has turned to ifridge to fast-track their sales, marketing and corporate strategies.

Work hard, play hard, respect for people, always looking forward, never back, using creativity to make the world a better place: it’s a compatible corporate value system that makes me optimistic about this alliance. Let’s see what we can do.