Information Governance and SharePoint: Planning for Success

Jun 09

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SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint. It’s difficult not to talk about Microsoft’s offering in the collaborative document management / ECM space. Attendees of the first AIIM Ottawa seminar in May put SharePoint at the top of the list for topics of interest.

So we’re listening. The 2nd meeting of the First Canadian Chapter Ottawa branch will be Wednesday, June 15 at 9am. Sign-up here:

We’ve assembled a panel of deep SharePoint expertise, with hands-on experience deploying SharePoint in private and public sector organizations, those that demand information management governance be addressed.

Our panelists include Blair Cribb, Productivity specialist at Microsoft Canada and Nick Kellett, SharePoint MVP and CTO of StoneShare. The Q&A will be moderated by Victor Nishi, Vice-President at Threadline Software. We look forward to an informative set of presentations and follow up discussion.

As preparation for the event, we went back to re-read the recent AIIM market research on SharePoint adoption and how it is changing the ECM landscape. The July 2010 Market Intelligence research, “SharePoint: Strategies and Experiences is essential reading for AIIM members and ECM practitioners dealing with a current or prospective SharePoint implementation.

Some of the more interesting findings from the AIIM survey:

  • Nearly half (47%) of respondents had SharePoint in use to some extent
  • 44% of respondents have it rolled out across 10 more geographic locations
  • 45% of respondents use it for collaboration with external partners and/or customers
  • Top use cases (in order) are: Collaboration, Document Management / File share replacement, Portals and Intranets.
  • Only 8% plan to phase out a legacy ECM system in favour of SharePoint, but 7% plan to implement a new ECM/RM system to supplement it.
  • 1/3 found a SharePoint deployment took longer than expected and main deployment challenges were change management and user resistance to new systems.

Governance is a concern and issue for SharePoint (or any other collaborative DM product for that matter). Records Management, access controls, site sprawl, disconnect between IT and business users… this is the area of challenge we want to probe into with our panelists.

We hope to see you there on June 15!