eDiscovery Issues and Trends for Canadian Organizations – AIIM May 16, 2011

May 17

The Ottawa branch of the AIIM First Canadian Chapter had a great turnout for its first local event on May 16, 2011. 49 participants representing public sector, private sector, consulting organizations and hardware/software providers gathered for some networking, conversation and some fantastic educational content by two experts in the area of eDiscovery.

A big thanks to Debra Power, Andrew Pery and Winnie Tsang, the core planning team for managing the venue, speaker coordination and online registrations. An additional thank you to Coradix Technology Consulting for the last-minute loan of a backup projector when Plan A failed us.

We appreciated the 30+ respondents to our AIIM Ottawa planning survey. We want to offer topics that are most relevant to the community, and to help us select the times and locations that make it easy to attend. We were also really pleased to get volunteers to help us continue planning, and even to present and offer their case studies. Topics that popped up as high interest? E-mail management, Sharepoint governance, Collaboration/Enterprise 2.0, and even BPM. We’ll work over the summer to find compelling speakers on these areas and include in our agenda for fall 2011 and 2012.

Highlight of the Event?

Well-researched, compelling content from the 2 panel speakers: Dominic Jaar, National Leader for Information Management and eDiscovery at KPMG.and Stephen Ludlow, Program Manager for eDiscovery and Information Governance at OpenText.

  • eDiscovery has arrived in Canada, and we have an the advantage of learning from the challenges faced by our peers in the US.
  • It is essential to understand the electronic discovery nuances from province to province.
  • The Sedona Canada project has done some important research and work to align the Sedona Conference work on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and accepted practices and align it to Canadian laws.
  • Organizations with a solid information governance program in place have a tremendous advantage if/when faced with eDiscovery challenges. Companies with a defensible, workable set of policies are using good record keeping practices for competitive edge and saving substantial time and money.
  • The line between documents and records are blurring under the concept of ESI (Electronically Stored Information). This can present challenges for organizations where work-in-progress content, or collaborative formats are subject to legal hold. A new area for RM and IM professionals to explore and build recommendations for their users and clients.
  • 21st century businesses exist in a digital economy, and judges are becoming increasingly technically savvy and less patient with organizations who don’t have their electronic content and communication appropriately managed. Excuses to do nothing are not flying in front of a court of law like they used to.

Both slide decks are posted to the AIIM Ottawa Slideshare Event site. Please take a look and share with your colleagues or clients.

We are planning one more event before summer break, either June 14 or 16. Please stay tuned for agenda and location. Also, don’t forget to register for the upcoming September 8, 2011 Social Business Virtual conference hosted by AIIM. A blue-chip set of speakers including Andrew McAfee, David Weinberger, Debra Logan, John Mancini, and more. We’re exploring an in-person venue to be able to attend collaboratively and do an in-person wrap up. More here.

Event photos thanks to Debra Power of D Power Consulting, aka @ECMEmpress on Twitter.

Cheryl McKinnon moderating Q&A session

Dominic Jaar, KPMG presenting

Stephen Ludlow, OpenText presenting

eDiscovery experts deep in thought: Stephen Ludlow and Dominic Jaar