What is Candy Strategies? #EvilPlans

Mar 22

Here at the Info 360 conference this week in Washington DC, catching up on trends in ECM and reconnecting with some great pals in the profession. More than one person has asked me what exactly I’m up to these days. Well, in short, I’m executing on my #EvilPlans.

When I left Open Text to join Nuxeo in 2009, I took one of the first real career risks in about a decade. After immersing myself in the world of Enterprise 2.0 in my last role at OT, the world of open source ECM made perfect and complete sense. Dismantling barriers between vendor, customer and partner, watching a social marketplace in action, walking the talk about community, openness and transparency showed me what the software model of the 21st century needs to be. Being part of the first wave of the Nuxeo North American expansion was incredibly cool and now they are on a clear path to success as they drill into their key developer communities.

Since May 2010 I’ve had this gnawing in my gut that this was just a stepping stone to the real fun. I started day-dreaming about The Next Thing. As I started spending time in my old hometown, Ottawa, pieces of the puzzle started to fall together in. Old things that I loved started meshing with new things I had learned. All of my favourite people started saying the same thing. I started getting mad at the lack of progress I’d seen around me and bugged a bunch of people I knew and respected to find out what was wrong.

So I slowly started plotting my #evilplans. And this month I’m ready to start talking publicly about them. I want to be an advocate and educator, helping public sector understand open source and open standards in the information management space. I’ve been blown away by the richness and breadth of open source products and platforms in the ECM, portal, BPM, WCM, DAM and capture/scanning world. These are projects that are standards-friendly, welcoming of community, built in this century and dispense with the 1990s nonsense of per-client licensing and sales cycle theatre.¬†Candy Strategies will be my vehicle for these consulting and advisory services.

But there’s one more thing.

You see, I have a some developer pals who owe me a few favours. And they love open source. And they believe me when I start mapping out the opportunities for a new generation of applications for public sector.  #evilplans indeed.