CMSWire: Why Mobility is Central to ECM-as-a-Service

Feb 25

Thanks to the team at CMSWire for the opportunity to guest write this week…more on why mobility is an essential requirement for next generation ECM at...

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Social Networking – Impact on Records and Information Management – ARMA Whitepaper

Feb 13

The ARMA Foundation published a paper titled Social Networks and Their Impact on Records and Information Management last month. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, having presented/published widely on this topic over the last 5-6 years, usually under the title “What Do Records Managers need to know about Web 2.0“. Supporting research into the...

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Fierce Content Management “Is it Time to Think ECM-as-a-Service”?

Feb 02

Thanks Ron Miller at FCM for the opportunity to write a guest article this week. Full piece available at Fierce Content...

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An Afternoon of Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics

Feb 01

Yesterday I attended a public meeting of the Standing Committee for Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. It was both exciting and awe-inspiring to walk up to Center Block on Parliament Hill and not instinctively join the tour group lineup. David Eaves, public policy entrepreneur and open government activist was providing testimony, and I was keen to both hear...

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