Content and Containers (Part 2)

Jan 28

I have a content management problem. You see, I’m moving from one city to another, so am knee-deep in a hard core retention and disposition decision cycle. What to move, what to trash, what to accession to the local good-will store, and what can be permanent retention as fixtures with the house sale. To help with a process that could take a couple of months,...

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Content and Containers (Part 1)

Jan 27

Yesterday I discovered an informative (and quite lovely) digital poster via my Twitter community. Titled “Content, An Illustrated History” the beautifully illustrated historical timeline by Philip Sheldrake traces the evolution of human communication from cave paintings to cutting edge digital media. If you haven’t already seen it, please take a...

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CMIS 1.0 may be 130 Years Too Late

Jan 23

On my reading list this week? Toby Bell‘s thought-provoking piece on CMIS, and whether this new OASIS standard will really matter in the ECM technology space. Titled “CMIS 1.0 May be 3.0 Years Too Late“, he uses an interesting analogy of local driving habits and currencies to illustrate that a standard is not always really a standard and that...

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What Do Records and Information Managers Need to Know About Open Source ECM?

Jan 18

Today I had the pleasure of presenting a 45 minute session to the Columbia, South Carolina chapter of ARMA, a leading authority on for education of information management issues. The topic? What do records and information managers need to know about open source ECM? The content builds on a presentation and whitepaper I developed with Nuxeo last year, adding some...

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ECM in 2011 – Figuring out the Next Thing

Jan 02

2010, I predicted, would be noted as a watershed year in the Enterprise Content Management technology space. Putting my historian hat on last spring, it was difficult not to notice the convergence of a few major milestones all clustered within the May-June timeframe. The rise of interoperability standards with real momentum (ie CMIS), a growing number of...

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